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  1. Hello,

    Excellent Work. Congrats.

    I’m also building a 737 cockpit. I need some measurements from your frame. Please contact me. I have a lot of 737 info that may be interesting to you.



  2. Hello,

    I know markuspilot excelent document.

    I need some detailed photos with some measurment from CB “closet”. Not only from individual panels, but from all P6/P18 assy. And other structural parts too.

    I’m building my cockpit based on maintenance documents and need that measures.

    Better to contact you via email, so I can send images with requests…

    Unfortunatly I can’t find any email contact in your site.

    best regards

  3. Excellent photography and the beginning of an in-depth project. I also use many OEM converted parts; however, space does not afford me the chance to use a real 737 flight deck (maybe my next project…)

    I wish you the best of luck. I will certainly keep tabs on this project. Cheers, Iain

  4. Hello Admin,

    You have done great work and your project is amazing. Currently, I am working on creating a detailed 3D CAD model of 737 on CATIA. I have made good progress but I am stuck in the cockpit area.

    Would you be able to share more pictures (if you have them) for the structural layout of the cockpit. I found some very useful information from the pictures you already have on this website. I am specifically looking for stringer and frame layouts, door surround structure and bulkheads.

    Kind Regards,

  5. Hi There!

    Congrats on your project and your progress! I was actually the first guy to ever take a real 737 cockpit and convert it to a flight simulator. I would love to pick your brain about the BFF control loading. Would it be possible to chat with you directly?


  6. Hi Peter (and team)

    My congrats, a very impressive build so far!

    I am really looking forward to your speech at this year’s FSWeekend in Lelystad next Saturday.

    Best regards,


  7. Hi,
    Nice work with the Shell and floor………i was looking for a throttle Quad, are you interested in selling one.

    Kind Regards

      1. Hi,
        Could you also share me the link of the supplier for the Curved screen for Visuals as seen in some of the pictures on your site


        1. Hi Ganesh,

          That curved screen was made by Art May-Alyea at Northern Flight Sim. I don’t think he still makes the same design as his website now shows a continuous curved screen. The link to the current product is:

  8. Hi guys,

    Excellent work! Well done! I’m just wondering if you have some measurements (length, width, height, radius of curve) for the air frame (chassis/floor) that your sim will sit on? I know that you’ve got a real one, but was thinking of making one out of MDF with a solid wooden structure. Can you help?

    Many thanks 🙂


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