www.fly737ng.com up and running!

Welcome to my website. About 4 years ago I became obsessed with building a full size, fixed based Boeing 737NG simulator. I started by buying parts, both used pieces from actual aircraft as well as new pieces from vendors that manufacture parts for the simulator market. I am proud to be a crazy simulator builder and I started this site to share my madness with the world.

I plan to update frequently with pictures and blogs about my progress on the sim. My progress so far has been hampered by my inability to sell a troubled asset: a luxury 2 bedroom condo in Arlington, Virginia. I bought the apartment in the Fall of 2007, just as the real estate bubble was starting to burst. I had my sim set up in the second bedroom of my condo, but then had to remove the fledging project after my girlfriend (later my fiancee and now my wife!) moved in during the summer of 2008 and we decided to put the condo on the market.

My sim, circa 2008, back when we were living together. Real Weber seats, MIP and pedestal by CockpitSonic, overhead mounted on the wall (for lack of a better place), and Optoma short throw projector mounted on the ceiling.

My real estate agent took one look at the sim and said, “you’re going to have to remove this if I’m going to have any chance of selling this place.” I knew he was underestimating the mass appeal of a full size transport category aircraft cockpit, but I decided to trust the professional and moved everything into storage, where it remained until February of 2010. My other hobby is flying real airplanes, and it was during that month that I lucked into a hangar at Manassas Regional Airport. This particular hangar is an end unit that has about 300 extra square feet of space off the right wing, so the sim came out of storage and work started up again.

Starting to set up the sim in my new hangar. Shell framework, dual linked flight controls and floor by Northern FlightSim. Fiberglass shell is visible up against the wall in the background.